Ch. PBJ's Parti Rockette
Ch. PBJ's N Janfred's Parti Rock X GCH. PBJ's Lil Dream Catcher
Prcd/PRA Normal/clear through parentage

Best of Variety
for little Siri at the Cocker Spaniel Breeders Club of New England
under Judge Mr. Jamie Hubbard June 2nd 2017.

Best In Sweepstakes
under Judge Mrs. Heather Reid at the Ladies Dog Club June 3rd 2017.

through parentage.

First in the 6 to 9 month class in Futurity
at ASC Purina Farms under Judge Mr. Tony Skinner July 2017.

Placing 2nd in the 6 to 9 month regular class
at ASC Purina Farms under breeder Judge Mrs. Laura Heidrich July 2017.

Best of Winners and BOS for a Major
at the Sugarbrush K.C. under Judge Mr. Michael Faulkner August 27th 2017.

Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Sweepstakes - to her brother
at the Cocker Spaniel Club of Northern Ohio under breeder Judge Mrs. Joan Stallard
August 25th 2017.

Winners Bitch and BOS to Best of Variety for a 4 pt Major
to Finish her Championship,
then she went on to win BOS to BOB
at the Skyline CSC under breeder Judge Mr. Kevin Flynn October 2017.

Winners Bitch for 2 Majors
at the Fancier's CSCSW am and pm shows under
breeder Judges  Mrs. Patty Darke and Mrs. Billie Hayes October 2017.

Skyline Cocker Specialty

Best of Variety for a 5 point Grand Champion Major

under Judge Mr. Terry Stacy at the Allentown Show December 15th 2017.