Our Boys
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Ch. B-Mac's Sundance Kid
Whelped 08-05-05   
CH B-Mac's Quick Draw McGraw x CH Peri's Karman Electra
OFA Fair,
CERF PERMANENTLY CLEAR 2014 at 9 years old.
Patellas Normal,
prcd/PRA normal/clear (Optigen)
Bred by Per Ingar Rismyhr & Betty McClendon
BEST Bred-By in Show ASC Sturbridge ' 06

Am. GCh. PBJ's Back In Black
Ch. Coldry's Sweet Seduction X Ch. Peri's Peachy
OFA Fair,
Patella's normal,
CAER normal/clear 1-2017,
Thyroid Normal,
prcd/PRA normal/clear tested by Optigen

Ch.  PBJ's N Janfred's Parti Rock
Ch.  Clovercreeks Never Say Never x Ch.  Janfred's Bodacious Babe
OFA Good,
Patella's normal,
PRA/prcd clear,
CERF Clear 11-2015,
CAER normal/clear 1-2017
Bred by Janet Langley  
Janfred Cockers
Owned by PBJ

GCh.  PBJ's Spellbound
Ch. Juole's Jem Robert Redford X Ch. PBJ's Passionate Kisses
OFA Good,
Patellas Normal,
Thyroid Normal,
PRA/prcd normal/clear,
CAER clear 8-2016

BISS Bronze GCh. PBJ's Black Superlative
Ch. B-Mac's Sundance Kid X BIF Ch. PBJ's Black Velvet Seduction
OFA Good
PRA/prcd normal/clear through his parents,
Eyes CAER clear 8-2016,
Patellas normal.

Ch. Räuberlein's Gray Apache of PBJ's
Ch.  PBJ's Cajun Noblesse (Rio) x Ch. French Miss Blu Legend du Logis D' Argence
Bred by Verena E Rafaela Eitel of Räuberlein Cockers, (German Import)

Ch. PBJ's Parti In Platinum
Ch. PBJ's N Janfred's Parti Rock X Ch. PBJ's Lil Sure Shot
OFA Good, Patellas Normal, CAER normal/clear 1-2017