Best in Specialty
at The Cocker Spaniel
Breeders Club of New
England under Judge
Mrs. Nena Dee.
Group 2
in Wrightstown, PA
under Judge
Mrs. Arlene K Davis
May 27, 28, 29
At the Bloomington, IL
Group 1  
Breeder Judge Mrs. Gloria M.
Group 3   
Mr. Jerry M. Watson
Group 4
Mr. Wayne E. Bousek
Group 4
under Judge Mrs. Bettyann
Hale   Vacationland Dog Club  
May 19th,
Group 2
under Judge Mr Tom Hale     
York County Kennel Club        
May 20th,
Group 2
under Judge Mr James R.
White   Wyoming Valley
Kennel Club May 21st.
Earlier in May
Group 4
St Hubert Kennel Club    
Judge Mrs. Nancy S Cowley
Group 3
St Hubert Kennel Club      
Judge Mrs. Joy S Brewster
Group 3
Windham County KC
Judge Mr Frank J Washabaugh
judge Mrs. Cindy Vogels at
Bucks County.
Best In
Specialty Show
at the New Jersey Specialty
under judge
Mrs. Suzanne Dillon.
in Richmond, RI
under judge
Mr. Gary L. Andersen.
April 30th
at Richmond,
under judge
Mrs. Phyllis M. Wolfish.

Winning 2nd in his 9-12 Class at the ASC January Show, 2010,
under judge Mr. Everett Dean.

Click Here
to see Leonardo's
Video premier at
ASC Jan. 2010

Pictured here Finishing at the Old Dominion KC Show in Maryland
under judge Mr. Luis A. Aizcorbe.

August & September 2010
Groug 4 at Cudahy KC under judge Mr. Brian Meyer,
Group 4 at Greater Racine KC under judge Dr. Anthony D. DiNardo,
and at Tuxedo Park under judge Mr. Ronald H. Menaker,
a new
Grand Champion.
Great candids thanks
to Cathy Carey.

The original photo taken by Betty McAllister and
creative graphics from Daren Hatfield.

Group 4 at Souhegan KC under judge Mr. Lawrence Sinclair, Nov. 2010.

Best In Specialty Show
at the CSC of Rhode Island under judge Mrs. Linda C. More,
Dec.3rd 2010, Photo by Fritz Clark.
By Daren Hatfield...Daystar Cockers

MBISS  GCh. PBJ's Keeper Of The Stars
Ch. San Jo's Born To Win X Ch. Acadia's La Dolce Vita At PBJ
sire prcd/PRA normal/clear, tested by Optigen-sire & dam CERF clear 2010/2011

Specialty BOV at the Ohio Valley Cocker Club
from judge Mr. David Kittredge. December 2010.

Award of Merit
at ASC January 7th 2011 under breeder judge Mrs. Olga Evelyn.

Best In Specialty Show at the Salamonie Specialty
under judge Mr. Terry Stacy.....December 2010.
Grand Champion
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Group 4 at Boardwalk KC under judge Mrs. Joy S. Brewster Feb. 2011.
Group 4 under judge Mrs. Sheila DiNardo, Group 4 from judge Mrs. Madeleine B. Fish.
by  Jeffrey Hanlin

Group 2 at the Harrisburg Show
under judge Mrs. Jean Fournier April 15th 2011.

Another fantastic  Best In Specialty win at the Cocker Spaniel Club of New
Jersey on May 6th under judge Mrs. Suzanne Dillon. Photo by JJ Hanlin.

Group 1
at Richmond KC under judge Mrs. Phyllis Wolfish.

Group 2
at Buck's County under judge Mrs. Cindy Vogels.
OFA Good
Patellas Normal

A Group 1 from Breeder Judge Mrs. Gloria M Geringer
at the Illinois Valley Kennel Club, May 2011.

Leonardo left this world

as Number #1
in All Standings / All Systems.

He was out front and not looking back.

Thank you to All for recognizing him

for the beautiful dog he was

and to All who supported

and loved him along his way!

Rest in Peace

you are definitely

" Keeper of the Stars "

always and forever !

Group 2 at Wyoming Valley KC under Judge Mr. James R. White May 21st.
Group 2  from Judge Mrs. Arlene Davis at Wrightstown in June.
Group 2 at the Southern Maine Coastal Classic under Judge Mr. Thomas Hale.

Best In Specialty Show
under Judge Mrs. Nena Dee at the Cocker Spaniel Club of New England in June.